Painted Girl with Painted Lady Juried into WVAL July 2017 Exhibition

This photo from ThePollinatorsProject was juried (Juror: Philip Rogers, Director/Curator of 701 Gallery at the Long Center, Austin, Texas) into the July 2017 Wimberley Valley Art League show, which runs through September 12, 2017 at the WVAL […]

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9/11 Memorial Photo Juried into “America” Exhibition

I was in NYC in April and went to the 9/11 Memorial. I didn’t expect to be as moved as I was and I spent a good deal of time in silent reflection before I […]

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Shannon Marlow du Plessis Named Co-Organizer of NANPA Meetup

I was just named Co-Organizer for the NANPA​ Nature Photography Group of Central Texas – Austin. I’m pretty excited! If you are into Nature Photography and live near Austin, Texas, please join our Meetup Group! […]

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The Only Photography Book You Really Need

I’m a bibliophile and spent too much money on photography books when I first started. Let me save you some money. Photography is all about the light. Getting the exposure right is critical. Yes, these […]

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The Pollinators Project is Partnering with The EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens

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Bumble Bee Makes Endangered List

This isn’t a list you want to make if you are a bee. The Rusty Patched Bumble Bee (Bombus affiniso), an important pollinator, became officially endangered and nature history photographer Clay Bolt’s “white whale.” His […]

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How to Behave in the Field

It doesn’t get much better than NANPA’s Principles of Ethical Field Practice.  

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Spelling Juried into A Smith Gallery’s “Alphabet” Exhibition

The universe is apparently happy with me today. My photo, Spelling, was juried in at the A Smith Gallery “Alphabet” exhibition with an honorable mention. A Smith Gallery’s exhibitions are improving my art because their […]

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Morning Bluebonnet Juried into A Smith Gallery’s Fishing for Inconography 2 Exhibition.

Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully just curated A Smith Gallery’s “fishing for iconography 2” exhibition. My photo, Morning Bluebonnet, was on of 83 images selected out of 374 images submitted.  As in the first “fishing […]

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The Bug Chicks do Wrath of Khan

Remember that scene in Star Trek:  The Wrath of Khan with the creature that burrows into Chekov’s ear? That especially creeped me out because my cousin told me that earwigs do that same thing! She […]

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