Austin Artist Uses Two of my Photos as Basis for Mural Painting

Hotel Flora & Fauna, opened in 2014 by the Tang-Valera family, offers a much-needed lodging option on River Road in Wimberley, Texas. The owners used artwork provided by local artists with the highlight being the painted mural wall of the flora and fauna of Wimberley. The owners commissioned Austin illustrator, Tony Sansevero, to paint the mural. Tony researched local art league members and I’m trilled that he used some of my friends’ art as well as two of my photos as source images for the wall:  a male painted bunting, and a photo of Wimberley’s ubiquitous black vultures.


Artist Tony Sansevero immortalized this photo of a Male Painted Bunting when he painted it on the mural wall of Wimberley’s Hotel Flora & Fauna.

Wimberley doesn’t lack black vultures and this trio are now famous as part of the mural wall at Hotel Flora & Fauna.

Tony’s rendering of my painted bunting photo.

Tony working on the black vultures

The result! This is just one section of the Hotel Flora & Fauna mural wall.

Tony was kind enough to let me hang out with him while he worked. Turns out we have a shared dislike of cottage cheese.


















Tony’s Creative Process

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